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Vintage Terracotta Fruit Bowl with Terracotta Fruit

Vintage Terracotta Fruit Bowl with Terracotta Fruit

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Vintage hand built terracotta fruit bowl with seven pieces of Terracotta fruit. Beautifully petina fruit bowl with tropical fruit. Each fruit is sculptural in nature and has a very rustic appeal to them. They are hollow inside and handpainted by the artist. The fruit included is: 

A mango

    1. An Apple

    1. An orange

    1. A lime

    1. What appears to be a green pear

    1. A banana

    1. A humongous strawberry.

And of course the wonderfully carved bowl. This is truly reminiscent of 1990's home decor.

Bowl Measures:

Height: 5"

Diameter: 9"

With fruit inside the bowl is a height of  8.5" (approx.)

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