New in Shop : Amber Glass + Trinkets

Hi Friends,

Happy new year!

I want to say thank you all so very much for a  successful 2020. Last year though very tough, I found quite a few people choose to shop local, and Studio Natoyaista benefitted from that. You are all so amazing. Small business success is not always monetary, Success also comes in the form of exposure. I was extremely happy to be featured in the Vancouver Sun and a few notable publications. I’ve grown this business from my apartment kitchen and couldn’t in my wildest dreams imagine seeing my shop in the newspaper.

I’m hoping to do a rebrand in the spring,Not too much will change expect for the fact that I’m mulling over a name change. I’ve been meaning to do this for over year but haven’t settled on anything that made me say. “YES THAT’S IT!”  Of course, I’ll keep you all posted on this decision. However, going forward, I’ve made some changes to the website. The home page has been simplified and will be changing over time I’ve also made the shop has become a bit more stoppable (i think?). If you have any questions, please message me. As always, I’m open to all constructive criticisms and feedback we learn together, right?

New in the shop this week:

Over the holidays, I went on a mass organization spree to make things more efficient for myself and another team member I hope to hire shortly. The listings, as you will notice, are all similar items in grouped together. I  have over 15 totes of vintage to list some of the items are really rare! Additionally, There will be original art and prints on in February. This week’s group is vintage amber glass, and there is tons of it.

Next week will be baskets and other woven materials, And I have tons and tons of them. I’m working on something exceptional for spring down the pipeline, which I think most of you will enjoy. What are some items you would like to see in the shop going forward? As alway, I’m grateful for all your support and wish you a productive week.

Thank you,

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